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Seramic adhesives




FABKİM FUGASİL is specifically designed to clean up the residues and rest of filling materials, sealants and impurities from the tiles. Ideal for the places of general use to clean up the tiles and ceramics without etching their surfaces.


Cab be easily used in the kitchen, bathroom and other similar places. Appropriate for use on stone, porcelain, ceramics or baked clay tiles. It is not recommended to use on granite, marble or mosaic surfaces, as it might affect the brightness of the top surface. Does not hurt stainless metal and plastic surfaces.
PACKAGING: 0.5lt. plastic spray boxes.


1 year (in an unopened original box in cool, safe from freezing and direct influence of the sun rays). Optimal temperature is between 0ºC and +40ºC.


R20/21/22/25 - Smelling, swallowing, contact with skin and eyes is harmful to health.
R38 - Irritating to skin.


S 2 Keep far from children.
S 24/25/26 Do not contact with skin and eyes. In case of contact with skin and eyes wash with plenty of water and consult a doctor.
S 37/39 Use protective glasses and mask while working.
S 45/46 In case of accident if you feel bad or if swallowed, immediately call for a doctor and show him the box or label.

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