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15/07/2019 "FAB BOYA" reached the 1/2 finals in the championship "GILAN CUP 2019"

Congratulations to "FAB Boya" with this event and we wish you success in your future activities

13/07/2019 Low-income families were provided food aid

About 400 families received meat products

08/07/2019 F/С "FAB BOYA" once again wins the match at "Gilan Cup 2019"

Our team moved to the next stage

05/07/2019 Members of "PDP" and "FAMILY TRAM" in "FAB BOYA"

During the trip, students learned about product development technologies, applications and testing processes

23/06/2019 FC "FAB Boya" won the first match of "Gilan Cup 2019"

We congratulate our team on this victory and wish them success in their future activities

19/06/2019 Group games of the "FAB 2019" football championship are over

There was a draw for the next round


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