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FAB BINDING FOAM is spray polyurethane adhesive foam, hardening very quickly with the help of the surrounding humidity. It is used for very fast and strong adhesion of various types of construction materials especially of polystyrene insulation panels.


Adheres more firmly to polystyrene insulation panels (XPS and EPS), concrete, brick, and wood, metal and other construction materials.
Immediately adheres. Depending on damp and heat in approximately two hours helps to fix insulation panels.
Dries faster than standard spray foams.
Can be used on damp surfaces.
Has a high thermal insulation value.
One container of foam can adhere no less than 14 m² of the thermal panels.
Does not lose its volume or swell after drying.
Lighter than alternative montage binder foams. Does not load the building. Can be used at lower temperature.


Adheres polystyrene insulation boards, including filling the smaller gaps that may appear.
Adheres construction materials, mainly wood to concrete, metal and other materials.
When needed minimum swelling of foam.
Door and window frames installation and isolation.


Given on the box.


The ideal temperature during application should be between 0° C and +30° C. Has not enough adherence on PE, PP and Teflon. The newly used foam can be cleaned with FAB FOAM CLEANSER; dry foam can be cleaned only with mechanical methods.


4 - Diphenylmethane, 4 - diisocyanate composition.
R 36/37/38: Harmful for eye, skin and respiratory system.
S51: Should be used in well-ventilated areas with the help of gloves.
S2: Keep out of children.
S23: Do not smell vapors.
S24/25: Do not contact with eyes and skin.
S26: In case of contact with eyes, seek medical help.

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