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Acrylic copolymer emulsion based, single component, ready to use, flexible, easy to apply, white color (paintable) decorative water insulating material.


FAB SU-TUT (341) is water proof. It is ready to use. Perfectly adheres to all types of construction materials. Keeps its elasticity in hot as well as in cold weather. Has resistance against weak chemicals. Allows the surface to breathe and protects it from appearing of bacteria. There is no smell because of its water base, environmental friendly. Resistant to the sun rays. Due to the relatively smooth substance it can easily cover problematic surfaces.


FAB SU-TUT (341) can be surely used in the places needed to be isolated from water, such as the inner and outer parts, horizontal and vertical surfaces, straight and curved roofs, terraces, balconies, swimming pools and water tanks, chimney edges, concrete, plaster, brick, zinc, asbestos roof coating boards, window frames and etc. FAB SU-TUT (341) should be used in dry and clean surfaces. The surface prior to the application should be cleaned of dust, dirt and oils. Plastered and concrete surfaces are recommended to be washed with soapy warm water. Surface gaps and pits should be filled with repairing plaster FABKIM TS 0-20. Depending on the surface for the first coat FAB SU-TUT (341) should be mixed to 100% (1:1 ratio) with water and applied as a primer. The rest two coats should be applied without thinning. Wait 24 hours between coats. Each coat should be applied to 90 perpendicularly to each other. Apply FAB SU-TUT (341) especially in dry weather at temperatures between +10C and +30C. Do not apply at rainy, snowy and frosty weather. The treated surfaces should be protected from such weather conditions within at least 24 hours. Apply with brush or roller. In order to protect the treated surface from the environment influences better it is recommended to cover it with ceramic tiles and this type of materials. If it is intended to put antenna, solar panels and water tanks on the treated surface it is necessary to make a specific platform. Clean tools with water after use.


Thin to 100% with water for the first coat, the rest two coats should be applied without thinning.


(20°C, 65%HR): Pre-drying - 12 hours, the second coat – 24 hours. Full drying – 48 hours.


Depending on the smoothness and absorption of the surface 1kg. of FAB SU-TUT (341) can cover for vertical surfaces 0,750-1m2 of area, for horizontal surfaces 1-1,5m2 of area in 1 coat. It is recommended to hold examples to define the exact consumption.


During the application the surface temperature should be between +10°C and +30°C.


2 years. The ideal storage temperature is between +10°C and +20°C. (In an unopened original container in cool, safe from freezing and direct influence of the sun rays).


S 2 Keep far from children. S 46 If swallowed immediately call for a doctor and show him the box or label.


Incrustation in closed container is caused by air leakage; sediment is caused by keeping in a colder environment. If the surface is too dirty the material can come unstuck and be stripped off. If you are having problems like this please contact Technical Service with any problem which you are interested in and take a party number on the container with you.


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