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74 years have passed since the victory over fascism

    During the Second World War, the Azerbaijani people showed great heroism both at the front and in the rear. More than 600 thousand of our compatriots were sent to the front in 1941-1945. About 130 Azerbaijanis were awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union, and 30 were awarded the Order of Honor. 170 thousand soldiers and officers were awarded various orders and medals of the USSR. The national rifle divisions 77, 223, 336, 402 and 416 passed the glorious battlefield from the Caucasus to Berlin.

    After the collapse of the USSR, the Victory Day over fascism was not celebrated in our country. On May 9, 1994, this historic day was officially marked in Azerbaijan after a four-year hiatus by order of national leader Heydar Aliyev. This Victory Day is celebrated in memory of more than 300 thousand Azerbaijanis killed in the Great Patriotic War.


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