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Pupils of secondary school No. 17 of Khatai district are at "FAB Paints"

    On 30.10.2018 the head of parent committee of secondary school No. 17 of Khatai district of Baku Durdana Ismayilova, the head of the "Eco-presentations” project of the general education institution, biology teacher Sudaba Efendiyeva and a group of pupils were at "FAB Paints & Chemicals Industry” LLC. During the trip, the guests were informed about factories of the company, production processes, quality control laboratories and etc. All their questions were answered. Schoolchildren got acquainted with the paintings exhibited at the conference hall of "FAB Academy”, as well as the miniature layout of our company. Students were given symbolic gifts on behalf of "FAB Paints”. In their turn, the guests presented to the company the 8th grade pupil Narmin Ismayilova's wooden handwork. The meeting was followed by lunch and ended in a pleasant mood.


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