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"FAB Paints" employee was awarded with medals

     Collaborator of "FAB Paints and Chemicals Industry" LLC Mushfig Tahirov has recently been awarded the "Veteran of War" and "100th anniversary of the National Army (1918-2018)" medals by the Azerbaijan Great Patriotic War Veterans Union. We congratulate him on this occasion on behalf of the "FAB Paints" family.

     As a citizen of Azerbaijan Mushfig Tahirov was also concerned about Armenia's military aggression against Azerbaijan and the genocide committed against our compatriots in the 90s of the 20th century. Newly created then Azerbaijani army, which was not ready for war, needed qualified personnel. Taking this into account, Mushfig Tahirov, a third-year student at the Azerbaijan Technical University, presented his documents to the Baku High School of Commanders. In 1993, he joined as a commander the battles at Murovdag Ridge and in 1994, at Fuzuli-Terter, Agdam-Terter directions. Participated in the Horadiz operation, one of the most successful operations of the Azerbaijani army. In April 1994, he has provided a great deal of service to clear several settlements in the direction of Shukurbeyli, Ashaghi and Yukhari Abdurrahmanli villages of Fuzuli region, in Aghdere-Terter region from the Armenian armed forces. On April 20 of that year, he was seriously wounded in the battle for the freedom of the village of Shukurbeyli. After being treated, he returned to the army. He was awarded the honorary decree "Shah Ismayil Khatai" by the Corps Command for distinguishing military service in 1995. In 1999 he was sacked from the army. 

Mushfig Tahirov is the Head of the Department of Synthetic Paints of "FAB Paints & Chemicals Industry” LLC since March 28, 2001.


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