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"ESKİM" officials at "FAB Paints"

On 02.05.2018, one of the biggest raw material suppliers of "FAB Paints" for many years,Mr. Yilmaz Tezgoren, the founder of "ESKİM Eskişehir Chemical Industry and Trade Joint Stock Company" and The Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the company and at the same time the founder of TEZKOM COMPOSITE TECHNOLOGIES INDUSTRY AND TRADE CO. Mr. Emre Tezgoren vizited "FAB Paints and Chemical Industry" LLC and met with Director Mr. Kanan Maharramov.

Founded in 1975 by Mr. Yılmaz Tezgören, "ESKİM Eskişehir Chemical Industry and Trade Corporation" produces paint, as well as construction, industrial, polyester products and alkyd substances for furniture and construction sectors. Also produces high-quality, unsaturated polyester substances, auxiliary materials and exquisitions, as well as products for shipping, transport, agriculture, electricity, construction and other sectors, manufactured by modern laboratories and manufactured in superior technology; zinc, artificial marble, roofing, water reservoirs, construction panels, electrical protection boxes.

On behalf of "FAB Paints", we wish our dear guests good luck in their personal and business lives.


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