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F/С "FAB BOYA" once again wins the match at "Gilan Cup 2019"

  On July 6, 2019, the next match was held at the Gilan Cup 2019 futsal tournament between the teams "FAB Boya” and "ASAN Service”. In a tense match, "FAB Boya” beat the rival team 5-1. Thus, our team moved to the next stage. Congratulations to "FAB Boya” with this event and we wish you success in your future activities.

   Note that 16 teams compete for first place in the football tournament "Gilan Cup 2019”, organized on the occasion of the "Republic Day on May 28”. Games will be completed by the end of July. Teams that will take the first 3 places in the tournament, and participants who excelled in the game, will receive special awards and prizes.


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