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Representatives of TELKO and HYOSUNG at FAB Paints

On September 12, 2018, export manager of the company HYOSUNG (South Korea), Hyuk Lee, assistant manager of the polymer raw materials department of TELKO UKRAINE LLC Ekaterina Ivanovna Ignatieva, TELKO company manager for Azerbaijan and Georgia, Asef Bayramov visited "FAB Paints & Chemicals Industry” LLC. Guests were welcomed by the CEO of the company, Kenan Maharramov. During the meeting, they were provided with detailed information on the activities of FAB Paints. The parties discussed issues of partnership. It should be noted that "FAB Paints & Chemicals Industry” LLC has been cooperating with the companies HYOSUNG and TELKO for several years. Founded in 1966, HYOSUNG Corporation operates in a wide variety of fields, including the chemical industry, information technology, and construction. TELKO UKRAINE, established in 2004 as a part of the company TELCO, which in its turn is a part of the ASPO GROUP, is a distributor of polymer raw materials and works with global companies in the chemical and plastic industries.


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