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15/10/2018 The next workshop on software was held at FAB Paints

Employees of sales, procurement and production departments of our company took part in the training

24/09/2018 The next seminar was held at "FAB Paints"

A group of sales representatives of our company participated in the training.

27/06/2018 The next workshop held at "FAB Paints"

workshops on new software, production process and management restructuring at FAB Paints

07/05/2018 "The path leading to a success" seminar

"The path leading to a success" seminar was held at "FAB Academy".

30/09/2014 A new project by "FAB Academy"

"FAB Paint and Chemical Industry" LLC has held a training seminar on the installation, commissioning and operation of the world's most popular heating systems BOSCH

30/08/2014 A seminar program for OMID and FAB shop assistants

"FAB Paints" has organized a seminar program for its wholesale centers shop assistants...


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