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  Being one of the leading companies in the construction sector "FAB Paints and Chemicals Industry Ltd." has been operating since 2001. At the beginning the company started the production of paint products such as water-based, synthetic, cellulosic paint products and solvents. In 2006, on the basis of German project the enterprise that meets modern standards "Polymers" factory started its activity. There are produced PVA adhesives, acrylic and other binders here.  In 2012 to the list of existing factories there has been added  "Electrical Products Factory" and fully automatic operating "Fabkim Tiles and Ceramics Adhesives Factory". To take full control of the quality of products produced in the company there exist laboratories equipped with the latest technologies.

  Our mission is  to be a company useful to society and the environment, strengthening the economy and doing his best to ensure a bright future, with the achievements of the targets? to raise every day, to increase the products range and mainly providing the maximum level of customer satisfaction.

We as "FAB PAINTS" are proud of being with You all the time, and serving You!


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